Fleur Pot and Plant Combo


Display your indoor plant in style with our beautiful Fleur pot. The pot is  supported by 4 short feet and stand 15.5cm total height. They have a glaze finish and are ideal for small indoor plants.  Feet height is 1.5cm and internal opening is 14cmD.

Colour: White
Size: 15.5×15.5cmH
Drainage hole – No
Plant in Picture 1 –Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomioides)
Plant in Picture 2 – Peperomia Lime Green
Planter fits – 130mm growers pot

Your planter and plant combo includes care instructions, gift wrapping and a personal message card. (Please leave your personal message in the order notes section at check out).

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Plants are in 130mm growers pot.

Pothos Jade Green Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) Peperomia Lime Green Chinese Money Plant (Pilea) $0.00 Zanzibar Gem $0.00 Monstera Adansonii

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