Anthurium Care Instructions

Anthuriums are a popular indoor plant grown for their attractive heart shaped flowers which are available in a huge variety of colours. The common names for anthurium plants include, tailflower, flamingo flower, and laceleaf. Anthuriums originate from Central and South America. They flower all year round and love the warmth and humidity.

Care Instructions

Soil – Anthuriums do best in well draining rich organic soil and will also grow well in a wide range of soil from sandy to clay.
Light – Anthuriums like bright indirect light. They will do ok in lower light but it may slow down the growth of the plant. Keep out of direct sunlight.
Water – Allow Anthuriums to dry out slightly in between waterings. Over watering may cause the roots to rot.
Fertilize – Anthuriums need fertilizing every three to four months with a quarter strength fertilizer.
Pruning – Prune regularly as dead leaves appear.
Humidity – Anthuriums prefer higher humidity.
Repotting – Re-pot annually or as needed. Anthuriums are happy overgrowing their pots.