Refunds & Returns

In the case of you not being satisfied with the condition of your order, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery time to assess and resolve the situation.

Please bear in mind that occasionally plants may look a little tired after their journey, especially in hot weather, but they will soon bounce back once they are unwrapped and watered.

If for any reason that you feel the product delivered didn’t meet your expectations, we require you to email us a picture of the product that was delivered so that we can get a better idea and a better perspective of the order. Upon receiving the picture we will take the issue up with involved parties and get back to you with information regarding your query. At this point we will work with you on the best possible solution.

We must emphasise the importance of receiving the photographs within a 24-hour time-frame. Failing to get the photographs to us within that time will mean that we cannot do anything more about your order.

If we have decided that the best possible solution is to refund you, you will normally receive your refund within 24 hours of this time.