Terrarium Care

Caring for your Terrarium is dependant on what type of plants are living in the terrarium and if it is an open or closed terrarium.  Our Terrariums are open with a mixed variety of succulents planted into them.

The same care for succulents applies for all of our Terrariums as listed below.

Succulents prefer bright light. If your succulent is getting too much, leaves may scorch and turn brown.  An inadequate amount of light will cause the succulent to stretch. The leaves will look more spaced out as it reaches towards the light.

Succulents tolerate cold temperatures, however, most of them don’t like frost.
Succulents ideally like warm daytime temperatures between 21ºC and about 29ºC and night time temperatures between 10ºC and 12ºC.

Indoor potted succulents should be watered regularly in the warmer months. The potting mix should be completely dry in between waterings.   During the winter, reduce watering back to once every other month. Overwatering succulents can cause plant rot which is the most common cause of plant failure.