Philodendron ‘Rojo Congo’ Plant Care

The Rojo Congo is a hardy and robust growing Philodendron with thick, glossy burgundy to green leaves with a compact clumping habit. Named ‘Rojo’ meaning red, due to the juvenile shoots and leaves starting out a deep red colour. An ideal low maintenance plant perfect for your indoor space.

Location: Full sun to shade outdoors. Houseplants require bright, natural light.

Soil: In nature, philodendrons grow in dense forests in very humus-rich, cool, moist soil. Use lots of compost and leaf mould when you plant them in the garden, and good quality potting soil for container plants.

Water: Water very regularly – philodendrons like moist but not constantly drenched soil. Potted plants must not stand in saucers of water because they will rot.

Fertilising: Feed in spring, midsummer and autumn with fertilizer granules specially formulated for foliage plants and lawns. Renew the mulch around the plants at these times too. Potted plants can be fed every four to six weeks using a liquid fertilizer for houseplants.

Maintenance: Clean the leaves of houseplants with a soft, damp cloth. Dusty leaves are more prone to pests such as mealy bugs and red spider mites.