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Succulents – The perfect plant gift

Looking for a perfect plant gift? Why not give that special someone a Succulent Plant to brighten up their day.

Succulents make great gifts as they require little water and a nice sunny spot to keep them happy.  Simple right!
Succulents store water in their leaves and tend to have thick, fleshy foliage. They are very diverse plants with many types of colours, shapes, and blooms. Succulents are suitable for growing indoor and outdoors and extremely adaptable to harsh climates.

Sedum Succulent – The perfect plant gift

We are obsessed with Succulent plants at the moment because they are perfectly suited to container growing and look fantastic in pots.  Succulents are superbly adapted to a hot dry climate.  They love full sun, little water, and thrive on neglect.  They are a popular plant that varies in colour, height and foliage. There are thousands of different varieties available.

We recommend you place your succulent plant in a pot, in a well-lit spot in the house or on the patio.

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