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Zebra Plant Care

zebra_plantThe Zebra Plant (Haworthia fasciata) is a low maintenance compact and visually appealing succulent. It has green triangular clustered leaves with white stripes which gives it the Zebra effect. This succulent looks fantastic in an unusual containers and is great for the office or home and makes a lovely gift. This dainty little succulent is very slow growing, drought tolerant and if conditions are perfect it will produce little white flowers during summer.

Water – The Zebra Plant usually requires watering every few months in the winter and every three weeks in the summer. Water only when soil is completely dry. A ¼ of a cup is usually sufficient.

Sunlight – The Zebra Plant’s ideal conditions are bright indirect sunlight, however they can survive well with minimal light.

Inspect your plant every few weeks for signs of pests or scale.  If you notice any nasty bugs, spray the plant with a soapy dish washing mix for two weeks until cured.